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Turicum Hotel Management Group defines B2 Boutique Hotels as small, urban hotels and suites that have deep-rooted links in the local community and are situated in unusual locations. Each of these hotels is unique, has a (hi)story to tell, and is characterised by dedicated and uncomplicated hospitality. B2 hotels are designed for frequent business travellers, visitors with an interest in architecture, lifestyle, cities and culture, and short-stay guests in search of a relaxing environment.



Criteria and requirements for a B2 Boutique Hotel

Location & size65-125 rooms & residencesPrimary and secondary locations and locations in gateway cities

Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich
 40-65 rooms & residencesPrime sites in secondary locations and primary resort locations

Davos, Interlaken, Lucerne, St.Gallen and Zermatt
Service deliverySelected-MIND-SETAbove average service delivery being an antidote to the automated world.
Design & flairArchitectual finesseStylish, architectual finesse, generousness, premium materialisation and selected furbishment. The design is lifestyle oriented and signals functionality and cosiness.
IdentityUnique conceptsB2 Hotels leave enough room for individual expression.

No visible standardised procedures, no uniform decor.
Generous spacingSpace = Quality of lifeVast space, generous rooms and public space
 Rooms/suites sizes25m2 - 45+m2
 Lobby, Library & Wine Spot6m2 per room
 BoardroomMinimum of 1 board room of 60m2 per hotel and per 50 guest rooms
The LibraryRoom with (hi)storyThe Library is the sociable meeting point and is always a room with (hi)story.

Uniqueness through a historically local theme, which is tangibly implemented for the guests.

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